Property management

Enjoy your home, leave the hard work to us

“At RelaxInn Vacation Homes, we aim to create a stress-free enviroment for our homeowners, focusing on standards that allows them to enjoy an unforgettable experience at their villa”

Managing the day to day running of a vacation propery is hard work, leave that to us and enjoy your home as if you were just visiting, our mission is to create a stress-free enviroment for you and your family. 

Customer First

Our guidelines and procedures are designed to prioritize the experience of our owners when staying at the property, each property has a management supervisor as well as a concierge to provide service when our owners and their families and guests visit us.


Our primary goal is to protect and defend the interests of our clients, we aim to always be transparent with the information we send to our owners and always provide them with options in a manner that they feel confortable with any decision that is being made


As a rule, we do not accept comissions from any work being done at the property in order to always guarantee an objective view of kind of work that is done at the villa. All of our team members and house staff has to pass various secuirty checks before gaining employement.  


 Our team consists on a general manager that sets the guidelines, procedures and expectations, a management supervisor that overlooks the day to day running of the house, a concierge for customer service, plus our administrative team and a selection of trusted contractors. This along with our carefully selected house staff will provide you with the most complete experience possible.

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