Our Mission

“At RelaxInn Vacation Homes, our mission is to create lifelong memories for our guest”


Our Vision

“To become the most complete property management company in Punta Cana, offering unforgettable experiences tailored to our client’s needs, always aiming for the highest standards of service and quality in a familiar and safe enviroment”

Our Values

Our values are the core of our company and represent our focus on our day to day and the way we serve our guests, this values are replicated not only by the RelaxInn staff, but by the staff working in each property



Our team aims to serve in an honest and respectful way, always keeping the best interests of our guests in mind


Respect is one of our core values and represents how we treat not only our guests, but each team member and the staff at the property 


Our focus is to assist you in the most honest and transpanent manner that we can, always looking for options that ensure that your best interests are at heart and always putting your satisfaction above everything


Our team is everything, is why we can do what we do, and the sum of its part is what creates such a magical and unique experience for our guests. Our whole team is always available to make your stay as special as possible

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